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COMMIT Conference

for Mothers and Daughters

August 14–17, 2019

Big Sandy, Texas

August 15-18, 2018

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Are you a “daughter of the King”?

Do you know what that title means? How does one become a daughter of the King? How does (or should) that designation affect your everyday life? The answers to those questions and other intriguing, related topics are all part of the upcoming COMMIT Conference!

2018 Speakers

Melodie Hendrich

Melodie Hendrich has a passion for encouraging others in their walk with God and for strengthening their personal relationships. Drawing from her years of experience as a homeschooling mom and her training in Biblical Counseling, she will be sharing practical insights from God’s Word that will help us live out the reality that we truly are Daughters of the King.

Corrie Pendergast

Corrie Pendergast was raised with her six brothers by parents who loved the Word of God and hospitality. She married her best friend, Keon, fifteen years ago and enjoys teaching her four children at home. She has a passion to encourage other women with the nuggets of truth she is learning in every day life, how to love people through hospitality, and what it means to be a daughter of the King.

Jenna Dee, Taryn, and Mirren Martin

Jenna Dee Martin joins her husband, Jobe, in the ministry of marriage counseling and also conducts seminars for women. Taryn and Mirren work in the ministry in areas including research and coordinating events. They also travel with their parents, handling the BDM book table, providing instrumental special music, and speaking to and discipling groups of young ladies and girls.

Tentative Schedule

Wednesday Night
5:30 Dinner
6:30 Team Time
7:30 Session
9:00 Team Time

Thursday and Friday
8:30 Team Devotions
9:30 Session
11:00 Team Time
11:30 Mother/Daughter time
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Free Time
4:00 Session
5:30 Dinner
6:30 Team Time
7:30 Session
9:00 Team Time

8:30 Team Devotions
9:00 Session
10:30 Brunch

Dress Guidelines

The overall guideline for conference attire is conservative and modest in style. Ladies are encouraged to wear skirts that cover the knee when sitting and standing.
Come meet other daughters of the King and enjoy a special time of learning and challenge from God’s Word!


Registration: $50
On-site housing: $85/night per room (Private), $75/night per room (Semi-private), or $20/night per person (Bunk)
On-site meals: $7/meal, $42 for complete package (Wednesday dinner through Saturday brunch. No breakfast, refreshments at first session)
Complete package: $152/person (Includes registration, bunk housing, and complete meal package)

Transportation info

Airport pickup will be available from the Dallas/Fort Worth, Dallas/Lovefield, Longview, and Tyler airports. Transportation will also be available to and from the Amtrak station in Mineola. All flights need to arrive by 1:30 P.M. on Wednesday, August 15. If traveling by train, please plan to arrive at the Mineola station by 3:30 P.M. Arrival times later than these will be charged a transportation fee of $100 from Dallas or $50 from Mineola, Longview, or Tyler.
All departures should be scheduled after noon on Saturday, August 18.
Please email your transportation needs to [email protected] no later than August 10. Please include a copy of your travel itinerary with your email.

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COMMIT was founded in 1999 to encourage young ladies to make Christ the first priority in their lives.